Welcome to the donation store for all ranks & upgrades avalible on CrypticCraft!

All transactions are handeled through PayPal.
CrypticCraft does not receive or transmit your card information.

100% of your donation goes into the server, we do not profit from this. With more money, we can upgrade the server itself (more space, more RAM), upgrade the plugins (cusotm plugins, less bloat), advertise the server (more players!), and upgrade the website (faster loading, betting intergration). All in that order too!

The Factions and Creative VIP ranks require the Global VIP rank or the Factions/Creative - FULL VIP rank. This unlocks features and sets you up to make the server-specific rank much more worth your while. MCInfected does not require this setup, you can jump in and purchase a rank with no global rank.

Points Ranks

CrypticCraft also offers free ranks! Unable to buy a rank? No worries!
We offer free timed ranks for all players. Click Here for more info.

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